Tesla Model 3 configurator

Tesla Model 3 configurator

The Tesla Model 3 configurator has been updated and looks like the $35,000 base model will come sooner rather than later.

Despite all of the early issues with Model 3 production bottlenecks, it appears as though Tesla is beginning to deliver quite a few of these vehicles. The fact that the $35,000 base model is listed as an option for "Early '18" is promising, even though in "Tesla time" that probably means middle to late 2018, but still.

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Currently, if you're lucky enough to get the invite to configure your Model 3, the bottom line is a whopping $49,000. It was supposed to be $44,000 since Tesla was adding a $9,000 bump for the Long Range battery. However, the Premium Upgrades package is currently mandatory, which adds another $5,000 to the price tag.

The base Model 3 will be a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive car, just like the Long Range model, however, it will carry a smaller battery pack (about 50 kWh as opposed to 75 kWh).

Some people have suggested that the base Model 3 could actually have the same ~75 kWh battery as the Long Range model, although software-limited to 50 kWh. This way Tesla could charge you to upgrade your battery. However, there is no information confirming this, and it would be a severe financial disadvantage for Tesla to put the much more expensive pack into the base model. Additionally, if this was the case, the base model could already be made available.

Model 3 reservation holder, nullpointer, uploaded some screenshots of the updated Model 3 Design Studio on the Tesla Motors Club forum. He did so to share the recent changes. Although, if you hadn't seen the configurator previously, you may not realize what's different. You can check it all out at the link below.

The "not yet available" battery and powertrain are greyed out, so you can't click on them and see specifics. Also, the update seems to be a bit buggy at the moment, but it's working nonetheless.

Source: Tesla Motors Club via Electrek

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