Is it AWD or RWD? We're thinking power goes to all four wheels, but there are still lots of unanswered questions when it comes to the Performance Model 3 or Model 3 P??D.

Tesla says the Performance version of the Model 3 will head into production sometime in the first half of next year, so it would make sense to see the automaker testing an early version of that car on the track.

However, it's not entirely clear that this car is a Performance 3. Red brake calipers aren't necessarily a giveaway, but its speed off the line does seem to indicate it's quicker than others 3s we've seen.

Given the way Tesla has been carefully brand managing the Model 3 and Model S inside its lineup, so as to not have the cheaper option outperform the original flavor, we suspect the future performance 3 to likely go from 0 to 60 MPH no more than a second quicker than the currently claimed 5.1-second time for the long-range Model 3 - as the Model S 75D and 100D both had their 0-60 mph times recently improved just ahead of the Model 3 launch in July, to 4.2 seconds (from 5.2) and 4.1 seconds (from 4.2) respectively.

Video description (via Model 3 Owners Club):

"A couple of days ago we got a report of a black Model 3 sporting red brake callipers being tested at the track that was noticeably faster than others seen before. Does it have AWD? You be the judge."

"Now we have video of it!"

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