Nissan is teasing what we're almost 100% certain is the long-awaited electric SUV/CUV.

Looks a lot like an embiggened 2018 Nissan LEAF, doesn't it?

It will make its grand debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 25, 2017.

Nissan Teaser

Nissan Teaser

Video description:

Join Nissan at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show for the reveal of a new concept model that embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

There's no real info in the video. Nor are there any additional angles of the teased image, but as we wrote earlier this morning:

"It is however what is not yet officially announced for the show that excites us, as we will ‘eat our hat’ if Nissan doesn’t finally dust off its all-electric SUV that we know they have been sitting on for ages, and will arrive in 2019. The EV segment has been screaming for a long range, affordable, all-electric SUV for ages…hopefully Nissan will be able to fulfill that demand with this offering."

It's as if we knew it was coming...

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