MyEnergi  has introduced a special home charging station that prefers and prioritizes renewable energy sources, now Fully Charged takes some time out to explore the model.

The Zappi smart charger not only monitors home energy usage, it can optionally feed into an EV only the excess electricity, available frrom wind or solar.

There is also a hybrid option where it will 'fill' an EV to a certain percentage using the grid and renewable, before reverting back to only dispensing renewable surplus power...a pretty swell idea in our opinion.

There is of course a 'normal'/force charging mode for full speed charging (using grid electricity)..  Obviously, the most efficient way to get juice into your EV immediately (in most cases) is to use the local grid electricity right away.

"Why isn't there a smart electric vehicle charger that can charge using only excess solar or wind power? There is now! We visited a working prototype Zappi charger on Orkney and Robert was so impressed that MyEnergi kindly agreed to fit one in his garage which also allowed the company to test and adjust it to function with the Tesla Powerwall. More about the zappi charger:"

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