Automobile magazine has announced that the Tesla Model 3 is the recipient of its Design Of The Year award.

The big screen that dominates the minimalist dash.

The big screen that dominates the minimalist dash.

The magazine refers to the Model 3 as "a vanguard for electric vehicle design and styling."

Automobile posted an extensive write up on why the Model 3 received the award, but it really all boils down to this:

"It’s neither spectacular nor shockingly innovative. It’s just a really nice-looking, clean design that is instantly acceptable, despite the total absence of a traditional grille or representation of the same—as seen on the first Tesla sedans. The Model 3 is quite evidently an electric car, and its designers made no effort to disguise that fact."

The magazine applauds Tesla for its clean, minimalist design throughout and concludes the Model 3 is now the best sedan on the planet, beating out the Model S:

"For several years now I’ve said the Tesla Model S is the best sedan I’ve ever driven. That’s no longer true.

Whatever the price point, heritage, styling, reputation, or prestige of its rivals, the Model 3 is quieter and quicker, and it rides better than anything else we might have considered for our Design of the Year award. And as a plus, it’s a much handier size than the Model S, far more practical for daily use in cities and suburbs."

Check out Automobile's write-up in its entirety at the link below.

Source: Automobile

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