Zack reserved a Tesla Model 3 with his own money when he was 12. Now his dream is a reality.

However, the poor kid will have to wait a few years to take it for a spin. He doesn't actually get to call the car his ... at least in the official sense ... until his 16th birthday.

Zack had always wanted a Tesla and he had exactly $1,000 in his own personal bank account. Apparently, he'd even done some investing to get that figure to where it was. He waited in the Model 3 reservation line for three hours - during which he met Elon Musk - and reserved his Model 3.

Zack's Tesla Model 3

Zack's Tesla Model 3

At the time, Zack's family didn't own any Tesla vehicles. But right around the time of the reservation, they acquired a Model X (which they lowered). Zack refers to the lowered X as "pretty sick."

When Zack received the invitation to configure, he jumped on it right away. Of course, he chose black on black with the upgraded wheels. As you can see from the picture, it also has a full chrome delete.

Zack is very well-informed when it comes to the car. He takes us through the mobile app, the touch screen, and other details, followed by a test drive (thankfully, he's in the passenger seat).

Video Description via AutoVlog on YouTube:

Zack is the youngest Tesla owner that we know of! Today we take a look at his 2018 Tesla Model 3!

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