Blink and you just might miss the action. Further proof that the Tesla Model 3 isn't made by hand.

In the overnight hours, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this real-time video of a Model 3 body panel being stamped on Instagram:

Stamping Model 3 Body Panels (real-time)

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It's not lightning speed, but the amount of automation seen here, as well as the synchronicity of the robots, is encouraging given that just a week or so ago reports had the Model 3 being built almost entirely by hand, which isn't true.

Just the other day, Musk released video of some slowed-down Model 3 production action. that's where we saw body welds being done as the 3 moved down the line.

This new video shows the making of a single panel, a process that's been much the same for decades now.

The latest release from Musk doesn't provide us with any indication of whether or not production pace is picking up though. For an answer to that, we'll probably have to wait until October sales results are posted on our Scorecard early next month.

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