Over in Vondelstraat, Amsterdam, reports are surfacing claiming that vandals purposely set fire to a Tesla Model S and X. Charred remains are all that's left.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen "vandals" in the vicinity of the two cars. The witness reports state that the individuals were seen deliberately and purposely setting the cars ablaze.

The two burned vehicles were parked approximately a football field in length apart (100 yards).

There's no indication as to why the vehicles were torched at this time, but a local resident claims its no coincidence that both burned cars were electric:

“That’s no coincidence. It’s an expensive car. One was here, I saw it from my balcony. The other around the corner at the Vondel Church. Another car was damaged, but that was because it was so close.”

One of the owners of the burned Teslas was contacted by local news. He issued this statement:

“My wife woke me because the car’s alarm went off. We soon realized that it was a fire because of the smoke and smell. The children were sleeping, so we were shocked. We have camera images of the two arsonists, which we shared with the police. Apparently, someone is not a fan of progress. He (the Tesla) is fairly new, and I only had him for four months, but I think I am well insured.”

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Source: Echt Amsterdams Nieuws

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