Tesla Model 3 At Stanford Center

Tesla Model 3 At Stanford Center

A source who viewed the Tesla Model 3 at the showroom at the Stanford Shopping Center says the Tesla representative on hand revealed some new info.

Alcantara Is Out And It's Never Coming Back - Textile On Left, Alcantara On Right

Alcantara Is Out And It's Never Coming Back - Textile On Left, Alcantara On Right

According to the Tesla rep, that alcantara headliner material that vanished without a mention from Tesla is gone forever. It's replaced by "premium" textile fabric, which can be found on the Model 3 on display in the showroom.

Additionally, there's been lots of chatter in regards to this:

Premium Upgrades

  • Premium heated seating and cabin materials throughout, including open pore wood décor and two rear USBs

Well, it seems the premium heated seating throughout is not actiavated yet. The rear seat heating elements are in place, according to the Tesla representative, but they won't be enabled until some later date. No explanation was given as to why this is the case, nor did the rep provide a timeline for activation.

Lastly, the rep hinted that a new interior color (white) is coming sooner rather than later. The rep expects white to be offered on the long-range version of the Model 3 prior to Tesla making available the shorter range 3. That puts the timeframe for the arrival of the white interior at point time from now through the end of the year, as Tesla simply lists this very vague timeline for the start of production of the shorter range version of the Model 3.

2018 - Production of the Standard Battery begins

So, to recap, headliner material is textile from here on out. Rear heated seats will be activated at some undisclosed point in time. And white interior will be offered before the end of this year on the long-range Model 3.

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