Nissan, KEPCO and Sumitomo Electric launched a new Virtual Power Plants (VPP) pilot program with remote control of electric vehicle charging.

In total, 60 BEVs and PHEVs will be tested to demonstrate the idea of remote control charging, by a utility, to delay or stop charging when the grid is overloaded.

Cars "...will be outfitted with EV switches, which are control instruments for electric vehicle charging developed by KEPCO and Sumitomo Electric. Nissan, KEPCO and Sumitomo Electric will link their servers to enable remote-control charging, collect vehicle information and identify available charging capacity."

It's the first such project in Japan.

The Virtual Power Plants (VPP) concept includes the integration of many types of power sources to create a reliable and flexible power supply.

In the case of electric vehicles, using DC CHAdeMO and V2G not only enables one to stop charging, but also to send electricity to the grid. However, sending electricity to the grid is much more expensive, which is probably the reason why we should expect the commercialization of delayed charging first.

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