Don't call them, they'll call you.

The Takata air bag crisis has forced the recall of millions of cars from at least 19 brands since 2013 due to faulty inflators that can cause injury during deployment of the safety device. Like so many others, Tesla has been caught up in this mess and, coordinating the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), announced a recall of 2012 Model S vehicles in January of 2017 to replace the passenger-side air bag. Now, that recall has been extended to 2013 Model S sedans as well.

Model S interior

Model S interior

If you have a 2013 Model S, here's what you need to do right away: nothing. Tesla will be getting in touch to schedule your replacement service, so there's no need to call them. So far, they've replaced 90 percent of the affected 2012 cars, and are now beginning the process for the 2013 vehicles. Owners living outside of the U.S. who aren't covered by the recall will also be contacted and have the defective part replaced.

Eventually, Tesla will recall every Model S between the model years of 2012 to 2016 — the original Roadster, Model X and Model 3 all remain unaffected — with future announcements and replacement schedules being decided by NHTSA. In the meantime, Tesla says its cars are safe to drive (and ride in) as per the government agency. The inflators only become defective with age, so the recall schedule should see affected vehicles fixed before they become a safety risk.

To date, no Tesla vehicle has experienced a problem with a Takata air bag, and hopefully these actions will keep that record clean. You can read the complete Tesla recall notice at this link.

Source: Tesla

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