"Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?"

We're willing to admit that at first glance this looked pretty ridiculous ... and it still does, but it's hilarious regardless. If you ever wondered what would activate the auto wipers on your Tesla vehicle, now you have the answer ... in great detail.

This is just wrong ...

This is just wrong ...

The crazy thing is that these rain-sensing wipers sense much more than just rain ... and they're only in beta mode! So, if you find yourself in a situation during which food is falling from the sky, you'll be in pretty good shape.

If you don't remember Erik (how could anyone forget), he's the guy that has a Tesla showroom in his garage, complete with a replica of a Supercharger. We recently shared a series of other videos that Erik made while borrowing a Model 3 from Tsportline.

In all seriousness, the tests were pretty inconclusive. At first, it seemed like the wipers would not be activated by solid objects, which makes perfect sense because they could break. The wipers didn't respond to hard-boiled eggs or orbeez. However, they did activate for a cheeseburger and cornflakes. Substances with a thicker consistency proved more of a problem, so we wouldn't suggest pouring spaghetti sauce or nacho cheese soup on the windshield of your Tesla.

In the end, the point is, the rain-sensing wipers turned on in almost all circumstances. A few times, there was a brief hesitation, but they still worked. Additionally, it would probably be pretty safe to say that if a large rock or chunks of ice came hurling at your windshield, the wipers would likely stand down.

Video by DÆrik on YouTube

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