How much range loss should you expect in the Tesla Model 3 in bitterly cold weather?

Much of the U.S. and Canada has been in the midst of a frigid cold snap over the last few weeks. Some areas have experienced sub-zero temperatures for several days in a row. It's no secret that EV range is impacted by the cold weather for multiple reasons. In fact, all cars experience decreased efficiency in cold weather.

Tesla Model X defrosting during pre-heating

Tesla Model X defrosting during pre-heating

While ICE vehicles may not see as much range loss, cold temps may cause them to run rough or even not start. This isn't the case with EVs like the Tesla Model 3, however, with only a couple hundred miles of overall range, a significant loss can prove problematic.

Model 3 Owners Club founder Trevor Page fills us in with some additional details about how the Tesla Model 3 differs from the S and X when it comes to range loss and cold weather.

Basically, the Model 3 doesn't have a battery heater but instead uses waste heat to attempt to warm the pack. This isn't as efficient as the systems in the Model S and X and also leads to issues when it comes to Supercharging. The battery simply won't charge as fast if it's not kept warm.

Page mentions the recent and ongoing Tesla Model 3 Road Trip and the weather-related issues You You Xue has experienced, especially in Canada, that have made the trip a struggle, including the concern mentioned above.

Needless to say, if you plan on owning a Model 3 in an area that experiences extreme cold on a regular basis, you're going to see considerable range loss. Additionally, plan on spending a significant amount of time charging. It also seems that there is some correlation with areas that experience these type of temps also being areas not having an abundance of Superchargers.

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We've had bitterly cold weather for the last 2 weeks. How does it affect the range in a Tesla?

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