Remove weight - set new record!

That's the idea and outcome here with this Tesla Model S P100D.

Video comes to us courtesy of Tesla Racing Channel. The record, set by the gutted Model S P100D, is no surprise really as the folks at Tesla Racing Channel have been hard at work over recent months making this Model S quicker and quicker by way of massive weight reductions.

The new record time for a Model S in the 1/4-mile stands at 10.41 seconds at 125.12 mph. That's just a tick or two quicker than the old record (also held by Tesla Racing Channel at 10.44 seconds).

Video description:

Taking the now 4,460 lb Gutted Tesla P100D to a 1/4 Mile Atlanta Dragway Streetcar Takeover Event.

The car now has a few more modifications...or boltoffs. That includes taking out all the door speaks, besides the drivers, taking off the front sway bar and even swapping the 12volt battery under the frunk for something much lighter. The Tesla takes on a Stock Hellcat from a 40mph roll and a Buick Grand Nation from a dig.

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