Russian people no longer driving "horse-driven carts or tanks," president says.

Russian president Vladimir Putin took part in the Russian Energy Week held in Moscow earlier this Fall, and talked about his relationship with his American colleague Donald Trump and North Korea. He also discussed energy sources and electric cars, claiming they are the future, but currently internal combustion vehicles are still better for the environment.

“I would like to note that we believe natural-gas-based motor fuel to be a much more environmentally friendly type of fuel compared to electric cars...” Putin told the media (via

“Of course, we need to move towards transition to renewable energy so that it becomes the number one energy source, but it will be at least 30 years before that happens. For now, it is unclear to us how it will play out, since technology for using coal and oil is also improving."

Sounds like a guy addicted the business of exporting oil to us.  But when asked whether he can see himself driving a Tesla model, Putin replied:

“Why not? We are open to it. We buy everything useful and sell everything that brings profit. I do not see anything special about it. Do you think we only ride around in horse wagons? No, we do not ride horse wagons anymore. Or maybe tanks? Tanks were pretty good, though.”

During his speech, Russia’s president explained that he likes the “light, fast and efficient” of electric cars that he’s been shown during his visitations to the United States and Japan. “I certainly can imagine . And I will definitely declare it, addressing those who are scrutinizing my material status.“

Putin is known for his passion for all kinds of cars, including retro Soviet machines.

As Bloomberg recalls, he once took former U.S. president George W. Bush for a drive in his classic GAZ-21 at his residence outside Russia’s capital. In 2010, Putin drove a Lada Kalina for more than 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometers) to promote an upgraded section of a highway in Russia’s far east.

Vladimir Putin's full speech can be found here.

Source: The Moscow Times (via Motor1) and Bloomberg

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