It seems Norway continues to prove its focus on saving energy and protecting the environment. Bjorn Nyland shares the country's amazing auto-dimming streetlights.

Bjorn Nyland shows us Norway's energy-saving auto-dimming streetlights

Bjorn Nyland shows us Norway's energy-saving auto-dimming streetlights

Think of the number of lights that stay on 24 hours a day throughout the world, and the amount of energy wasted. This is true of many schools and government buildings in the U.S. (of all places, of course), though now some have switched to motion-activated lights.

The lighting on our roads is another culprit. Many roads go untraveled for hours at a time in the middle of the night, however, streetlights and traffic lights stay on.

In Norway, some roads have lights with radar that detects traffic and automatically makes the light brighter. After the traffic passes by, the lights dim to save energy. According to Bjorn Nyland, the technology on this 5.5-mile stretch of road in Norway will pay for itself in about 4.5 years.

Video Description via Bjorn Nyland on YouTube:

At highway 155 in Nes i Hole, 220 radars have been installed on each light pole. They detect oncoming traffic and adjust the strength of the light. By doing this, the 9 km/5.5 mi stretch saves a whopping 2100 kWh per week. The extra investment will break even after just 4.5 years.

Nyland admitted that the settings on his camera may have made it a bit difficult to notice the drastic difference in the lights from dim to bright. Below is another similar video filmed on the same stretch of road, which makes the transition visually clear. Fast forward to the last minute and 20 seconds to see the streetlights adjust from bright to dim.

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