Bjorn Nyland visited the Nissan Futures 3.0 event held recently in Oslo, Norway (watch live here) to check out the new 2018 LEAF, which will be available from January (and today in Japan).

The 150 mile/241 km (EPA/real world range) EV which was presented in Europe was in fact a pre-production offering, and Nissan claims that the production version is to be even better in terms of quality.

According to Bjorn, the new LEAF not only looks better in person, but is more modern and more aggressive. There is plenty of space in the huge trunk (which is mostly unchanged from the 2017 edition), and there is a new Type 2 charging inlet in the front (replacing the old Type 1).

We believe that 22 kW three-phase charging is to be available as an option on top of normal 7 kW found in Europe (unlike the U.S. and Japan).

Inside, the front seats are very good, while Nyland finds the back seats don't offer the best sitting position (on top of the battery pack). Bjorn also notes a mix of hard and soft materials.

Anyway, from this report and others, it's seems to be a solid electric car with mass-market appeal in mind.

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