Now You Know's test of the "real world" winter range of Tesla Model 3 shows only 16% drop in estimated range compared to the car's 310-mile EPA rating.

Model 3

Model 3 "Real World" Winter Range (source: Now You Know)

With winter weather truly gripping much of the U.S., it's comforting to know that the conditions don't seem to impact the Model 3 too severely.

In the test, the Model 3, after a day outside in the cold, achieved 281 Wh/mile with both cabin heating and heating seats on and Autopilot was on for most of the trip. The car was driving up to 70 mph (112 km/h). Estimated range was at 261 miles (420 km).

On the trip back, heating for the cabin was off, so the result was closer to the EPA estimation.

  • EPA: 310 miles (499 km)
  • Trip A (with heating): 261 miles (420 km) and 281 Wh/mile
  • Trip B (no heating): 308.6 miles (496 km) and 243 Wh/mile
  • Average A & B: 275.7 miles (444 km) and 272 Wh/mi
We believe that in even colder weather and heavy snow, results will be worse, but that's the case with any car, electric or otherwise.

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