Established manufacturers don't look favorably on the hype that newcomer Tesla is causing. We've witnessed this phenomenon for passenger EVs already in the past, and now its happening in the truck industry too.

Navistar DuraStar Family

Navistar DuraStar Family

The full-size Class 8 Tesla Semi, announced for late 2019, thanks to its unprecedented specs (such as a range of 500 miles), has put established makers on the watch.

One such trucking company is Navistar International Corp. CEO Troy Clarke in a recent's interview, stated that his company will deliver more electric trucks than Tesla by 2025!

Navistar in partnership with Volkswagen announced first medium-duty trucks for 2019.

Big manufacturers have some advantages like market share, an existing customers portfolio, dealer and service networks. On the other hand, Tesla brings disruption, the highest range, autonomous driving and some media attention, among many other things that could attract customers.

“Customers know us, and they know that when we give them a truck it gives them a guarantee that this truck is going to serve their needs, because we understand how our customers make money,” - Troy Clarke, Navistar CEO

Brad Delco, transport analyst at Stephens Inc. said:

"With established brands such as International, Peterbilt, Kenworth and Freightliner, “if something goes astray, those trucks get pulled into their dealerships to get fixed immediately, particularly when under warranty.”

Source: via Teslarati

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