The latest over-the-air software update for Tesla cars with second-generation Autopilot (Autopilot 2 or AP2) is finally introducing automatic wipers.

The automatic wipers that detect the need to wipe the window while raining aren't new both for the industry or for Tesla (first generation Autopilot), but so far, cars were required to be equipped with dedicated rain sensors.

Tesla resigned from rain sensors in the AP2 hardware, promising to add the feature later through a different solution, which still needed to be developed.

In the AP2 cars, to detect rain, Tesla uses neural net that processes images from cameras. As you can see in the first videos (one of them was linked by Elon Musk), the feature seems to work just fine.

There are two levels of rain-sensing:

  • detecting rain
  • detecting¬†even just a light mist or drizzle
We are looking forward to hearing from Tesla owners on whether or not this solution works in most situations.

Source: Teslarati

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