It's a new record, in a brand spankin' new Tesla Model 3 no less.

Completed in just 50 hours and 16 minutes. Check out timelapse of the record-setting drive above.

Model 3 Sets New Cannonball Record

Model 3 Sets New Cannonball Record

Here are the vital stats:

  • Total time: 50 hours, 16 minutes, 32 seconds
  • Total mileage: 2,860 miles
  • Charging cost: $100.95
Video description:

On Thursday, December 28th, Alex Roy & Daniel Zorrilla departed the Portofino Inn in Redondo Beach, California to test the range and reliability of one of the first Tesla Model 3 customer cars. Their destination was the Red Ball garage in New York City. The two completed their run in 50 hours and 16 minutes, setting a new record for the Electric Cannonball Run.

The Time Lapse Camera set up broke off its mount midway through the drive, we apologize for the tilted angle throughout the second half.

The previous Cannonball record for an electric car was set by a Tesla Model S with a time of 51 hours and 47 minutes.

We'll have an additional detailed account of the event soon from InsideEVs contributor and owner of the record-setting Model 3, Daniel Zorrilla.

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