If your older Tesla Model S seems to have sloppy steering, you may want to check your control arms.

Apparently, older model Tesla vehicles may be prone to early and regular wear of the fore control arms. This Model S seemed to need an alignment, however, it wouldn't align correctly.

Tesla Model S fore control arm

Tesla Model S fore control arm

Upon further inspection, the technician on Tesla Repair Channel discovered that the left and right fore control arms were worn, allowing for an excessive amount of play. Additionally, the bushings were beginning to get a bunch of micro-tears.

To purchase new factory stock control arms will cost about $200 each. So, to do all four would run about $800. Fortunately, the aft control arms seemed to be holding up just fine.

This particular Model S is going on its third set of control arms. Interestingly, a commenter inquires about upgrading to some better arms with high-quality bushings. Tesla Repair Channel plans to research that option, along with publishing a follow-up video showing the installation and alignment process.

Video Description via Tesla Repair Channel on YouTube:

Noticed the steering of the 2013 Model S P85 going a little sloppy lately. Decided to put it on the alignment rack, and couldn't get it to align properly, so we took the shield off to take a look at the components. Seems the fore control arms on both sides are worn, and the bushings are starting to tear. We will be ordering a new set of fore control arms, and replacing them both in a follow up video, along with a step-by-step alignment process for the older generation cars. Car has 61k miles, and this will be the 3rd set of control arms.

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