Check out this solid Tesla Model 3 review filled with outstanding insight and new material.

Mel Herbert from Talking Tesla really nailed it. Being that there are so many Model 3 reviews popping up, and this will be exponential soon, Herbert took a different approach. He touches on aspects that we haven't seen in other reviews.

Talking Tesla's Mel Herbert in his brand-new Model 3.

Talking Tesla's Mel Herbert in his brand-new Model 3.

Soon, Model 3 first impressions videos and in-depth reviews will be a dime a dozen. We're already starting to see one rehash after another. Fortunately, YouTubers like Now You Know (with their latest winter weather feature and tall guy video), along with a few others (DÆrik's detailed touch-screen review) are still creating interest and divulging additional, sought-after details.

Herbert begins with footage of the delivery process (which is very cool), then moves on to Model S and 3 comparisons, screen layout, outward visibility, coil suspension, and driving impressions. Well done!

We will make every attempt to keep you posted with the newest reviews that stand out from the pack.

Video Description via Talking Tesla on YouTube:

Mel Herbert of Talking Tesla podcast gets his Tesla Model 3 and gives his first impressions.

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