Watch how these electric cars handle the bitter cold.

Michael Subasic and family share their holiday travel story. Their Tesla Model X starts right up after sitting for four days in Canada's bitter cold. Even better, his Nissan LEAF has been idle for two weeks in temps exceeding -20C. It starts with no issue as well.

Michael's LEAF buried in the snow and blocked in by a snowbank.

Michael's LEAF buried in the snow and blocked in by a snowbank.

The family drives the Model X in -26C (-15F). Their trip distance is 145 km (90 miles), and due to the cold weather, it will eat up more than half of the vehicle's total battery charge to cover the trip. They also have to continuously run the "hot" defrost just to keep the windshield clear. In the end, Michael attributes 150 km of range loss to the cold temp.

Once the family arrives safely at home, Michael takes the LEAF out for a quick spin. He's pleasantly surprised that it starts right up and runs as if it's not cold at all.

Of course, range is negatively affected, but that's expected of any vehicle, regardless of powertrain and fuel source. Simply keeping the cabin warm and heating the battery in such cold temps is enough to expend a considerable amount of energy. Though electric cars and gas cars will feel the impact of cold weather, the EV has fewer noticeable issues aside from range loss.

Video Description via Michael Subasic on YouTube:

Today we started the Tesla after 4 days of sitting out in the cold, and made it home no problem. Then I dug out our Leaf, which was left out in colder than -20C temperatures for two weeks. Not only did they both start just fine, they drove like they didn’t even know it was winter… well range was reduced, but driving was still a blast, and we were super warm!!

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