The NHTSA now lists VINs as high as 8,362 for the Tesla Model 3.

In fact, some 3,568 new Model 3 VINs were just recently added to the system.

VIN 8362 Listed On NHTSA - Last Update 12-29

VIN 8362 Listed On NHTSA - Last Update 12-29

The number 8362 indeed seems high, but remember that does not indicate production figures as VINs aren't necessarily sequential.

However, if we look back at a few of our previous Model 3 VIN reports, it becomes quite clear that the Model 3 ramp is underway.

For example, some two months back we reported the highest VIN on NHTSA at 2639.  A week or so before that, the highest recorded VIN was 2136. So, a jump to 8362, even if not all sequential, is still very significant. In fact, they slot in line with Model 3 delivery predictions put forth by an analyst.

In just a few days time, Tesla will report Q4 sales. And of course, we'll be compiling sales for our upcoming scorecard. Sales begin on January 3 at around 9 AM EST. Soon after, we'll have Tesla figures too, so this upcoming month of sales reporting will surely be one of the most exciting to date.

Source: NHTSA

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