Hyundai takes its Kona Electric to its Sweden proving grounds, just south of the Arctic Circle, to see how it fares in rigorous cold testing.

Cold weather is surely a hot topic when it comes to EVs. All cars are impacted by the cold, but vehicles with a battery face greater challenges. Not only does range take a notable hit, but also charging takes longer.

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Hyundai Kona Electric cold weather testing

Hyundai Kona Electric cold weather testing

Often we see videos or read reviews about cold testing and then find out that the temperature was between 0 to 20°C, and most driving was done on paved roads that have been cleared of snow. This is not true cold and is really a waste of time to report on.

Hyundai's recent tests put its electric vehicles through extreme temps down to -35°C.  Not to mention that much of the driving is on snowy, unpaved surfaces. Now we're talking.

There's no dialogue or specific information in the video. Instead, it's packed with intense videography and breathtaking scenery. Whether or not you're a Hyundai fan, this is surely worth a watch (full Kona Electric details here).

Video Description via Hyundai Motor Europe on YouTube:

At our Proving Ground in Sweden, just an hour’s drive away from the Acrtic Circle, we tested our latest electrified vehicles in the most extreme sub-zero conditions. The rigorous testing ensures winter-proved operation of Hyundai’s electrified vehicles in temperatures as low as -35°C.

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