It appears that the Tesla Semi was taking a little tour of the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis.

Just the other day, we were publishing multiple stories about the two Tesla Semi prototypes traveling between Fremont and the Tesla Gigafactory. This was the vehicles' first publicized cargo trip. Apparently, the larger, silver semi hit the road quickly and quietly to head all the way to St. Louis (more than 2,000 miles away).

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Tesla Semis reportedly charging at the Rocklin Supercharger station

Tesla Semis reportedly charging at the Rocklin Supercharger station

We can't be 100 percent positive that this is the same truck people have been following (AKA, one of the two seen at the Rocklin Supercharger), but it sure seems highly likely. Even if it's another prototype, it still had to cross the country at some point.

This particular version of the semi (if it's set up like the production vehicle) is supposed to have a 500-mile range. However, we shared in a previous post that both trucks involved in the Gigafactory cargo run were said to have a 300-mile range, although one would think it would be able to travel further on a charge since the one spotted in St. Louis wasn't pulling a trailer.

The truck was seen at the brewery, as shown above in the Instagram post, and several others noticed it in the area and shared pictures on various social media outlets. It was also seen at Superchargers in St. Charles, as shown below.

We do know that Budweiser already ordered some 40 trucks back in 2017, so it makes perfect sense since the vehicle has a connection there.

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