It seems Shell is living up to its word, and making its way into EV charging.

As we previously reported, the company that owns Shell gas stations was in the midst of plans to install charging stations at some European gas station locations. As shown above, the first of these was spotted recently. Just a few weeks ago, we shared that Shell is in the process of adding the chargers at a slow clip. The company is working to get electric car charging stations in at 10 locations before the close of this year.

European CCS Connector

European CCS Connector

This is a smart move by Shell and others are already working on the same idea. Electric car adoption is increasing and people need a place to charge their vehicles, so it only makes sense to offer this at current "fueling" stations. If a whole slew of analysts are even partly correct, mass adoption is inevitable, and sooner rather than later. If companies like Shell want to succeed and get ahead of the curve, the time is now. On the other side of the coin, increased infrastructure will help lead to increased adoption.

According to Electrek, Shell entered into a contract with Allego to install and operate the new chargers, which carry the "Shell" brand name and look very similar to the company's gas pumps. The charging stations have three ports; a Mennekes Type 2, CCS DC Fast, and CHAdeMO DC fast for widespread usability.

Rates look to be pretty reasonable at this point, but Shell and Allego are reportedly discussing upping prices for 2018. For now, it looks like there will only be stations with chargers in the UK and the Netherlands, but as EV adoption increases, this is likely to change. Shell could eventually move to put chargers in any of their 25,000 gas stations worldwide.

Source: Electrek

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