We've already witnessed the disassembly process for the Chevy Bolt battery. Now, it's time to see how it all gets put back together.

Once again Weber Auto has released an incredibly comprehensive and informative video featuring a major component of a current electric car.

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This time around we're seeing 2 hours worth of video focused on reassembly of the Chevy Bolt battery.

Video description:

Butter your popcorn and get ready for the first YouTube video showing the reassembly of a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Battery!

Video Timeline:

Video introduction at 0:11

Battery tray at 0:57 MUST SEE: Battery tray weight at 1:38 Battery tray inspection plug at 2:35 Battery center of gravity mark at 3:20 The red shop stools at 4:20 The cooling plates at 5:39 The bus bars, BECM, low and high voltage harnesses at 6:43 Battery disconnect relay assembly at 7:23 Battery sections at 8:20 Reassembly procedures Insulation pads at 9:35 Lower cooling plate at 10:30 Thermal pads at 11:18 Battery tubes at 19:48 X3 connector housing at 20:47 Cooling manifolds at 21:16 Battery Section Details Safety zone at 22:38

Don't freak out! 40 Volts will not hurt you at 23:00

Battery section 1 at 24:00 Battery module 1 with cell groups 1-10 at 25:27 Battery module 10 with cell groups 87-96 at 26:35 How the battery modules are connected together at 26:56 Battery section 5, module 5, details at 28:57 What is a cell group? at 31:36 How the Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) monitors cell voltages at 32:24 Special tool to measure cell voltages at 32:42 MUST SEE: Battery section 5, module 5, side cover removal at 33:37 MUST SEE: Closeup views of a cell group connections at 34:45 Cell group direct voltage measurement at 35:21 How cell groups are electrically connected at 35:40 Cell group voltage measurement with special tool at 36:56 MUST SEE: Can you take the battery module further apart? at 38:50 Installing battery section 1 at 41:24 Installing battery section 2 at 44:23 Installing battery section 3 at 45:25 Installing battery section 4 at 46:34 Attaching the battery sections to the battery tray 48:06

Battery section 4 voltage cell sensing harnesses at 50:23

Battery section 5 lower support brackets at 51:37 Battery section 5 insulation pad at 53:20 Battery section 5 cooling plate and hose clamps at 53:36 Battery section 5 at 54:54 Battery section 5 upper support brackets at 57:53 Time for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at 59:30 MUST SEE: Installation of high voltage bus bars at 1:00:17 Overall battery negative and positive terminals at 1:03:36 Low voltage wiring harness and temperature sensors at 1:04:57 Interlock circuit at the service disconnect lever connector at 1:07:00 High voltage cell voltage sensing harnesses at 1:08:18 MUST SEE: BECM details at 1:09:34 MUST SEE: BECM installation at 1:13:05 MUST SEE: Battery relay assembly components and operation at 1:20:01 MUST SEE: Battery relay assembly operation at 1:33:24 Cooling system leak check at 1:38:26 Installation of battery relay assembly at 1:40:52 X3 Connector installation at 1:44:23 X4 Charge connector installation at 1:44:57

MUST SEE: Battery system overview at 1:47:12

Weber Auto adds a few additional notes:

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV 350.4V Li-Ion Battery Reassembly - A Youtube first!

Weber State University (WSU) - Department of Automotive Technology - Ardell Brown Technology Wing - Transmission Lab.

This is the third is a series of videos on the Chevrolet Bolt EV. This episode covers the reassembly of the 57kWh 350.4 volt 162.7 Ah battery from a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV. The components shown and operation will be similar to many other electric vehicles.

Yes, that's 57 kWH, not 60 kWh as Chevrolet claims.

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