Nothing like a good laugh for the holidays. Verne Troyer shares his new Tesla with us.

We've shared some unboxing videos of the Radio Flyer Tesla in the past. Of course, one of our favorites is the detailed review by Bjørn Nyland. However, now we may have a new favorite.

Verne Troyer tearing it up in his new Radio Flyer Tesla Model S

Verne Troyer tearing it up in his new Radio Flyer Tesla Model S

First of all, the box is literally four times the size of Verne. He considers calling the "1-800" number for help, though he's able to use his motorized bike to get it into the garage. The Tesla (which as we've said before is quite true to form) needs a small amount of basic assembly. Verne has no problem handling the unboxing and assembly himself.

Luckily, the car comes with a decent charge. So, he's able to take it for a quick spin. It's surprisingly fast (enough so to do some burnouts and drifting) and fits Verne as if it were custom made for him.

Prior to his little jaunt, he shows us that there are folding mirrors, a car cover, a mobile phone holder, working headlights, a frunk for storage, two speed settings (with a child-proof safety cover), and a charger. You can charge the battery outside of the vehicle, or you can plug right into the car and charge as if you're charging a real Model S.

Video Description via Verne Troyer on YouTube:

I bought myself a gift for the holidays. 6mph, electric, and black rims. This thing is a beast!

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