Mercedes-Benz' EQ brand for electric cars is expected to have multiple signs to distinguish the various versions.

Mercedes EQC

Mercedes EQC

It was recently discovered that Mercedes-Benz filed multiple trademarks for names in Canada for EQA and EQB models:

  • EQA 200      EQB 200
  • EQA 250      EQB 250
  • EQA 260      EQB 260
  • EQA 300      EQB 300
  • EQA 320      EQB 320
  • EQA 350      EQB 350
  • EQA 360      EQB 360
It's not clear what the number means, kW, hp or range, but we welcome news that different versions available. The strange thing is that many of those numbers are very close to each others. Perhaps there should be a bit more of a spread in naming and variations?

The first EQ model on the market will be the EQC SUV in 2019, but there were no recent trademarks filed for this one. The EQA is a hatchback, while EQB hasn't yet been identified.

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Overall, Mercedes intends to introduce several BEVs and we recall five names being registered in the UK back in 2016: EQA, EQC, EQE, EQG and EQS.

Source: Autoguide

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