With the introduction of its next generation LEAF (details here), Nissan will also expand the availability of its electric cars around the world.

One of the new countries that will get the LEAF is Thailand, which as of today is still waiting for its first mainstream electric car.

With that said, Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co. intends to begin sales, but has not yet revealed the time frame in which it will do so.

We figure that 'late 2018' is probably the earliest date to see the 150 mile+ EV in the country,  as the bigger markets are already awaiting the new LEAF, and will be served first.  So basically when the rest of the world is getting the longer range (~60 kWh/225 mile) version, Thailand will be getting the new entry level car...or maybe they will get lucky and see both launch concurrently

Nissan Motor Thailand Ltd. president Antoine Barthes said at the new LEAF global launch event in Tokyo:

"My goal is to make Nissan a major player in Thailand's automotive sector, and one of the pillars of our customer-centric strategy to achieve that is to extend the range of Nissan vehicles available in Thailand by introducing our newest products like the new Nissan LEAF," said Barthes. "While I cannot share a timeline or any other specifics at this time, I am excited to be able to announce that this state-of-the-art EV will join the impressive lineup of Nissan vehicles already sold in Thailand."

"As concerns about air quality and the environment grow, innovative Nissan solutions like e-Power – and EVs like the LEAF – are essential to a smart, clean and sustainable driving future without compromising affordability or driving pleasure,"

"Here in Thailand, we are talking to and working with the government, local governmental agencies and policy makers on Electrification and the infrastructure and ecosystem necessary to make that successful,"