How does Consumer Reports feel about the all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF?

No, we didn't mix up the Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model 3 videos. Interestingly, it sounds like Consumer Reports wasn't actually planning on providing its 2018 Nissan LEAF first impressions in this particular episode of Talking Cars, and as you can see, the video begins with more talk about the Model 3.

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2018 LEAF interior

2018 LEAF interior

When filming a previous podcast about the Tesla Model 3, some audience members noticed CR's Nissan LEAF in the background and began sending in questions.

So, the guys provided some answers about the new LEAF (if you've heard enough about the Model 3, the LEAF portion begins at the 6:12 mark in the video).

Since it's now clear that CR has a Nissan LEAF in-house, we can only imagine that several more in-depth talks specifically dedicated to the second-gen, all-electric car are still to come. We will keep our eyes out and share those as soon as they become available.

Video Description via Consumer Reports on YouTube:

This week, we answer viewer questions about our Tesla Model 3 coverage. Some eagle-eyed members of our audience spotted our 2018 Nissan Leaf in our garage last week, so we give you our first impressions on Nissan's all-electric car. Finally, we discuss GMC's announcement of a new Sierra, and whether its swiss army knife of a tailgate will appeal to pickup buyers.

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