Jaguar announced earlier this year that from 2020 every new model will be electrified (meaning hybrid, plug-in hybrid or all-electric offering), with the first all-electric of course being the 2018 I-PACE.

Inside the i-Pace

Inside the i-Pace

A senior Jaguar Land Rover official has now hinted that the I-PACE platform was developed to be used as the base for other new models.

However the platform for I-PACE somehow wasn't designed with a sedan, coupe or sports car in mind.

So at least for now, the I-PACE is the only pure electric model from JLR, as the Land Rover division is focusing more on the plug-in hybrids.

"For the moment, the I-Pace is the only all-electric model in the works for either Jaguar or its Land Rover sibling, but “you can assume” that the underlying platform, unique to that battery-SUV, was designed to be used for other models, a senior JLR official told

And if – make that when – the next model comes out it also will be a utility vehicle, the underlying, skateboard-like platform not designed for use in a sedan, coupe or sports car. Of course, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that Jaguar could come up with an additional platform for an all-electric passenger car at some future point."

source: The Detroit Bureau

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