Tesla has reportedly confirmed that this is the first Model 3 delivered to a regular customer, meaning a non-employee of Tesla or SpaceX.

This fits in line with our previous exclusive report on first non-employee deliveries before Christmas.

Additionally, social media has been a buzz with Model 3 ordering and delivery confirmation activity, so we expect to see lots of regular customers getting their Model 3s before the new Year.,

Video description:

Woohoo! Our Model 3 was delivered yesterday morning! Tesla let us know that we had the honor of being the very first regular customers to take delivery. My significant other and I are thrilled beyond belief and we're just blown away by the car and company. Folks on Reddit asked for a video, so here it is!

With Model 3, Tesla has made a masterpiece. I still love the S an X, but the Model 3 is the car that just put every other car manufacturer on notice.

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