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Information about the Tesla Model 3 continues to dribble out. With the car presently being delivered to Tesla employees and investors who, we imagine, have all signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA), the usual firehose of knowledge from proud new owners is but a trickle. Still, there are sources from which to glean insight. Take "affordable" Tesla's Emergency Response Guide, for instance.

Manual method to open front doors

Manual method to open front doors

Not only is it uniquely informative, it offers insights not found in the owner's manual. We've heard that the chassis of the Model 3 is part aluminum and part ultra high-strength steel, but which material is used where? Well, a look at the diagram above answers that question quite nicely. Thanks, Tesla!

Besides information really only needed for emergency responders or those salvaging crashed or flooded vehicles, like the locations of airbags and their inflation cylinders, there is a wealth tidbits scattered throughout the document. Did you know, for example, that if you go through the procedure to put the car in "tow mode," which allows the car to stay in neutral without someone in the driver's seat, it will cancel and the parking brake will be applied if it exceeds five miles per hour? We didn't.

Also, if for some reason the button that opens the front doors ceases to properly function, you can pull up on the front part of the window switch assembly, as shown in the image on the right, to exit the vehicle. (Please note, though, manual opener is not present in the back seat.)

Importantly, for those who might do some maintenance at home, like changing the oil changing tires, jacking up the vehicle should only be done at the four lift points (see page 25). As the manual mentions several times, it is important not to breech the belly where the battery is located. If that energy storage cell happens to short out and catch fire, it can take 3,000 gallons of water to douse the flames and cool the car down. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

Finally, this last tip: if you can not open the hood to access the front trunk (frunk), there is a workaround using an external 12-volt power supply. Simply push on the top of the round tow eye cover on the driver's side of the fascia, and pull out. Attach the red and black wires you'll see to the appropriate leads of your power source, and voila! You're welcome.

If you want to read the entire document, just click here.

Source: Teslarati, Tesla

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