Nothing quite like watching an actual in-store delivery of the Tesla Model 3

And ... as we said, the delivery floodgates are almost open. Be ready to soon be inundated with videos all over the internet as people begin to take delivery of the Tesla Model 3. There won't really be many unanswered questions for much longer. Although we still don't know actual battery sizes and we are learning that perhaps there are some important details that are still not in place; like no FM or AM radio, no streaming music, no heated rear seats, and no intermittent wipers ... at least not yet. But it's hard to say if any of this is 100-percent true.

If one has trouble viewing the video (or it goes offline again), check out this link here to also watch.

*Update: We were about to post this video when the first delivery in Texas surfaced, but strangely the video was immediately pulled. Now, we've found it posted again, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.  Update 2: And perhaps not surprisingly, it's down again. Update 3: And here it is again, thanks to one of our readers. Let's see if we can have this one up long enough for everyone to enjoy this time.

Model 3 - Tesla-stamped brake calipers

Model 3 - Tesla-stamped brake calipers

This video shows the first delivery at the Tesla store in Austin, Texas, but as Matt Holm points out (Matt was the original poster of the video that took it down in the first place), it may be the first Model 3 delivery outside of California. As you can see, they spend a considerable amount of time dealing with the touchscreen, which is to be expected. It's also one detail that we have yet to see up close and crystal clear.

We also get a pretty good look around the interior and they go through some other interior-related details. Other notable details include the Model 3 cameras and Tesla-stamped brake calipers. We can't wait for more videos to surface so that we can learn more each day and start to figure out true details. Hopefully, Tesla is moving quickly to get all of the missing pieces in place, if, in fact, there are still loose ends.

Hat tip to Brian R!

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