Tesla opened Semi reservations book for Europe or for at least three countries - Netherlands, Norway and the UK.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi

First customers didn't wait long to place reservations. Norwegian company Asko booked 10, but said it will need to know more about the truck prior to completing its order.

In the U.S. largest single reservation is for 125 units.

Tesla received reservations for several hundred (at least, but maybe a lot more) in the U.S./Canada and promised to begin deliveries in late 2019. The European version is expected to be launched afterwards. It's an open question whether the Semi will require special adaptation for European regulations.

Tesla Semi will be available in two battery versions, with expected range of 300 or 500 miles. In the UK, the base version will cost around £110,000, while the longer-range version is £140,000.

source: E24.no via Electrek

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