Bjørn Nyland went to the very extreme in winter testing the Tesla Model X at temperatures as low as -36°C/-33°F or even -38°C.

How cold is too cold for a car to operate?

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(source: Bjørn Nyland)

(source: Bjørn Nyland)

Its big battery enables having the heat on the entire night and allows Bjorn to simply camp in the desert of snow and ice, although it was smart of him to insulate the windows.

When the car starts in the morning there were no troubles besides regen being off, power limited and tires (or possibly some other component) affected by the extreme cold and bumping, and some warning messages (nobody listens to those) which disappeared when temps hit a more reasonable -22°C.

It's good to see that the Tesla Model X is ready for really cold weather, but you've got to be brave to stay outside at those temperatures relying only on a car. We wouldn't risk it.

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Yesterday it was extremely cold in Folldal, Norway. I went there to sleep in my car. In the morning the temperature was as low as -38°C/-36°C. The car started but it had some issues...

Range at 00:15: 316 km Range at 06:00: 241 km Average range consumed per hour: 13 km Average heater power: 13 km * 210 Wh/km = 2.7 kW Outside temperature when camping: -36°C/-33°F Temperature inside the car: 18°C/64°F

Range mode on during camping

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