Now You Know's 12 Days of Model 3 series explores the car's "crazy acceleration" for the seventh day of Christmas Model 3.

Popular YouTubers and father/son team Zac and Jesse just recently got their new Tesla Model 3 (about 9 days ago, in fact, at the time of this writing). They came up with a fun idea to do a "12 Days of Model 3" series, complete with a song specifying what each day will bring. Day seven just happens to be Model 3 acceleration, which the duo defines as "crazy."

Tesla Model 3 acceleration

Tesla Model 3 acceleration

Jesse has driven performance versions of the Model S and Model X, as well as a first-gen Nissan LEAF. Of course, the Model 3 outmatches the LEAF's acceleration significantly, which we see that at the opening of the video. But, how does Jesse feel about the Model 3 in comparison to it's older siblings?

He says that the Tesla Model 3's acceleration is "fantastic" and "feels assertive." It does what you want it to do. Even passing at highway speeds is "more than acceptable," especially in comparison to cars like the LEAF.

"Absolutely putting the power where you want it to go."

Additionally, Jesse admits that sometimes the Tesla Model S and X acceleration can seem almost scary with their ridiculous amount of power. He's also enamored with the Model 3's agility. Jesse compares it to a race car, with its extremely tight handling and precise steering.

Video Description via Now You Know on YouTube:

On the seventh day of Model 3, St. Nikola gave to me... Acceleration!!! Join Zac and Jesse in their 12 days of Model 3 series, where they show you 12 cool features of their brand new Model 3! Stay tuned for more videos every other day by subscribing! Please consider supporting us on Patreon. We have some pledge rewards you may be interested in, so go check that out. Now You Know!

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