The surge is surely coming soon.

A drone flyover video of the Tesla Fremont factory reveals lots packed full of Tesla Model 3.

Video description:

Flyover of the Tesla Factory in Fremont on 12/20/2017 in 4k with a Mavic Pro.

Special attention paid to the two car storage lots with Tesla Model 3 inventory.

Via Reddit, the video uploader adds:

I said I'd do a drone flyover, so i did.

Still Photos from my drone flyover today, 12/20/2017 of the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA. Flew over the Model 3 buffer visible from the freeway. Also flew over the Model S/X buffer at the back of the factory.

Looks like old S/X buffer is now cars being prepared for shipment, there are def. 3's mixed in there. (most had white protective wrap) wile the "model 3" buffer near the freeway is Fremont/bay area delivery with no protective wrap (and def. had some S and X in it). Plenty of 3's visible.

Also there is a yard with some prototypes or training vehicles or something under wraps and out in the open in one of the shots. Site was incredibly busy today, tons of trucks arriving and leaving the logistics hub near the S/X buffer.

And here are those still images, via Imgur:

Tesla Fremont Factory - 12-20-2017

Source: Reddit, Imgur

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