Robert Llewellyn visits a Formula E event in Paris, as well as stops by Renault's nearby Flins production facility where the Renault ZOE is made.

The Flins plant is currently the largest European production site for electric cars (as the ZOE is the best selling all-electric model). The plant also produces the sister Clio model.

The most recent Fully Charged episode focuses on the Formula E, including a demonstration of the Renault ZOE stunt fleet and a talk with Renault representatives about the car, and future of EVs (including second life batteries and grid-controlled charging).

"Some fascinating insights into the way Formula E is advancing the technology we will use in electric cars, going for a bit of a spin in a standard Renault Zoe and a bit of 'How Stuff's Made' from the Renault Plants at Flins."

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