This ain't your Dad's Ford. Probably not your Mom's, either.

The Blue Oval's plan to go "all-in" on electrification extends beyond the typical four-wheeled boxes usually found on its dealer's showroom floors, apparently. The Detroit automaker has joined forces with OjO Electric to launch a co-branded battery-powered scooter with six different design schemes inspired, they say, by Ford vehicles, both contemporary and historic.

OjO digital dashboard

OjO digital dashboard

The Ford OjO Commuter Scooter could be just the thing for "the old man," if he's the kind of guy that lives in a dense urban environment with bike lanes open to low-power two-wheeled devices, and who doesn't mind riding to work on something with all the dorky charm of one of his typical jokes. Probably not, though.

Or, it might be your Mom's. If, that is, she lives in that same type of city, and has no need for a vehicle with any appreciable amount of storage. Also, probably not.

To answer the question of who it's for more definitively, let's take a quick look at some specs and features. The big number here is 20 miles per hour. That's the top speed, and it appears to have been selected to make the scooter bike-lane legal, although laws may vary in your state or city. It's range is given as 25 miles, which seems fine. If you're driving further than this at 20 mph, you're probably on the wrong vehicle.

The scooter uses a 500-watt hub motor and keeps its weight to 65 pounds, thanks to an aluminum chassis. Limited to riders under 300 pounds, it is said to be able to tackle a 15 percent incline. It features an onboard charger with a retractable cord and plugs into a typical 110-volt outlet, charging the removable lithium battery from empty to full in, well, they don't actually say. Hmm.

If you're put off by the slowish top speed or dorky looks, theĀ Ford OjO Commuter Scooter certainly has some features to recommend it. For one, the seat comes off, immediately reducing the dork factor by 500 percent. It has Bluetooth-enabled waterproof speakers so you cruise to blues (or rap, or rock, or reggaeton, or Rachmaninov). To turn it on and power up the digital display on the handlebars, it comes with a key fob. This can be used to activate the motion-activated alarm system as well.

It's got disc brakes all around and is fully suspended to keep your ride smooth. It also lights up the night with LEDs both fore and aft. There is an optional basket-type storage box available, though it's not exactly huge.

The price tag reads $1,999 at present, and hopefully the Ford versions will be no more expensive than that. (Pro-tip: besides its website, the OjO is also distributed by several outlets and a black example is now being offered at Best Buy forĀ $1,453.99 with free shipping) The Ford OjO scooter launches officially in January.

Source: Wards Auto

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