Tesla Model S (Image Credit: <a href=Tesla)" draggable="false">

Tesla Model S (Image Credit: Tesla)

As Tesla continues to streamline its lineup, another vehicle will enjoy its last few days in existence.

We noticed some uninformed reports/headlines stating that Tesla is considering discontinuing the Model S. This is surely not true, however, not unlike past lineup tweaks, the automaker is dropping the least expensive Model S from its offerings. In fact, as of the time of press, the Tesla Model S 75 appears to have disappeared from the automaker's design studio. Although, if you click on the 75D, it still brings up the 75 as an alternative. This won't last long however, so custom orders for the S 75 need to be placed as soon as possible.

Inside the Tesla Model S (Image Credit: <a href=Tesla)" draggable="false">

Inside the Tesla Model S (Image Credit: Tesla)

Keep in mind that this is not the same as an OEM eliminating a vehicle from its lineup. It would be more comparable to the shifting or elimination of a trim, which generally happens during refresh or redesign model years. Since Tesla doesn't rely on model years, and its products are ever-changing due to hardware improvements and over-the-air software updates, we can expect that the automaker's lineup shifting strategy is here to stay.

Electric vehicles are dropping in cost due mostly to the declining price of batteries. Tesla's vehicles have become less expensive over time and this will continue to happen. These periodic shifts allow the company to add new top-of-the-line models with better performance and increased range and also bump everything else up from the bottom. Now that Tesla has (somewhat) released its lowest price vehicle, the Tesla Model 3, there's some wiggle room to eliminate the cheapest Model S. This also leaves the Tesla Model 3 as the only model available with rear-wheel drive.

The Model S 75 is rear-wheel drive only and starts at $69,500 in the U.S. The lowest-priced option following the automaker's shift will be the Model S 75D, which is all-wheel drive and starts at $74,500. According to Electrek, Tesla will officially drop the model this coming Sunday, September 24. This doesn't come as a surprise since the quarter is nearing an end, and could help the automaker with sales, by pushing people to quickly place orders for the disappearing vehicle. Plus, for those using the Tesla referral program, it remains the cheapest way to get to get free Supercharger access.

Source: Electrek

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