Volvo Buses has received the largest order ever for its all-electric buses, from Tide Buss in Trondheim, Norway in late September.

Volvo's electric bus is in traffic in Differdange in Luxembourg.

Volvo's electric bus is in traffic in Differdange in Luxembourg.

In total, 25 Volvo 7900 Electric are to be delivered by August 2019, together with OppCharge charging stations.

Norway is now famous for its ~40% market share of new plug-in electric vehicles sales in 2017 (and almost 50% in September), so it's now high time to raise the bar for the EV bus sector too!

"The new fully electric buses from Volvo will run on four routes in Trondheim, covering distances of between 12 and 15 km each, with operations due to start in August 2019. With the acquisition by operator Tide Buss of a total of 35 electric buses, including the 25 Volvo buses, Trondheim will have the largest electric bus fleet in Norway."

"The fully electric buses are being sold as a complete turnkey package whereby Volvo takes care of all vehicle and battery maintenance at a fixed monthly cost. The buses will be fast-charged using opportunity charging at the end stops. The charging stations will be based on an open interface known as OppCharge, which means they can be used by other electrified bus makes too. The buses will run on renewable energy so they will be entirely emission-free. Energy consumption for Volvo’s electric buses is about 80 per cent lower than for corresponding diesel buses."

Håkan Agnevall, President Volvo Buses said:

“This is a milestone for our long-term commitment to the electromobility transformation of public transport. We are delighted to establish the first large-scale system of fully electric buses in Norway in cooperation with Tide Buss, a pioneer in sustainable city transportation. Electrically powered bus operations is the most energy-efficient solution and contribute to a far better environment for everyone who lives, travels or spends time in the city. This is a trend that we naturally want to boost,”.

Jan-Helge Sandvåg, technical director at Tide Buss said:

“We are really pleased to continue expanding our operations in Trondheim, where we have been working with AtB since 2010. We are firmly committed to electrification of public transport and this initiative has major implications for us, serving as a showcase, not only in Norway but throughout Europe. What’s important to us when choosing a supplier is not just Volvo’s world-leading products and competitive terms, but also the confidence we have in the Volvo organization as a stable systems partner, that offers high security in our everyday operations,”.

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