Formula E drivers will have to use two power modes in races next season.

The series' second-generation car will be capable of completing an entire race distance on its own, eliminating the need for mid-race pitstops to swap cars.

However, the series and the FIA were keen to keep an element of strategy, with different power modes emerging as the favored option.

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The FIA's World Motor Sport Council has now confirmed the mandatory use of two power levels.

The FIA has stated the high-power level in the race will result in "a performance gain of approximately one second per lap while activated".

FE's new car has already been announced with a race power of 200kW, although it will be capable of 250kW in qualifying mode.

It remains to be seen if 200kW will be the temporary high-power mode or the standard setting.

The WMSC has also approved an unchanged timetable for 2018/19, which means free practice, qualifying and the race taking place on the same day.

It has declared that a point will no longer awarded for the driver who sets the fastest lap, and will replace this with a "new energy management parameter" to award a point to the most efficient driver instead.

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