Fastned announced earlier this month the launch of its very first 350 kW fast charging station at a service area ‘De Watering’ located on the A8 highway near Amsterdam.

Fastned fast charging station

Fastned fast charging station

In a few other places, the company added 175 kW units to be ready for the next-generation of BEVs.

The chargers are supplied by ABB (Terra HP High Power), and those are all new - double head CHAdeMO and CCS Combo.

At the same time, Fastned presented its all-new station design with semi-transparent solar panels.

"The new charging station is the result of a partnership with technology group ABB, who developed the fast chargers. With the opening of this station, ABB and Fastned have a global first. The new fast chargers at the station have a capacity of up to 350 kW and are the world's first ever fast chargers to be CE certified by an independent party, and approved for consumer use.

The higher charging speed means EVs can charge up to 500 km in 15 minutes. The upcoming second generation of electric cars has larger battery packs which can charge faster, as will be demonstrated at the Geneva International Motor S (8rd to 18th March 2018), where manufacturers such as Jaguar, Audi and Hyundai will present several second generation cars. These cars will hit the road this year, and Fastned will be ready for them.

In addition to the charging technology, the station design is also completely new. An iconic and recognisable design with a roof of glass-glass solar panels and sustainable wood. The new station also has a higher clearance, so it is even more visible to electric drivers and can accomodate larger electric vehicles."

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Fastned’s Co-Founder Bart Lubbers said:

"I am very proud of our new station. María García, our architect, has put a lot of energy into an iconic design that is better in every detail and that’s visible. It’s very important to increase the charging speed, because it makes driving EVs attractive to more people. Because the question that almost every consumer asks is "How long does it take to charge?".

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