Off road in a hurry!

Nikola, the same folks who'd like to clutter the highways with hydrogen-powered semi trucks have a side-by-side UTV side project it's calling the NZT, and it looks like it's powerful enough to create its own haboob! Check out this at times cheeky video to see what we mean.

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While it may still lack a fascia, it sure looks ready to sandblast the competition. All aboard!

You can snag one for $28,900

Video Description via Nikola Motor Company on YouTube:

Introducing the all new Nikola NZT™. The most powerful and sophisticated electric UTV in the world. Turn up the volume & share with your friends; a new beginning is here! Up to 590 direct drive HP, 722 ft lbs of instant torque. The most sophisticated drive-line in the industry, with enhanced safety features and super car acceleration. Unrivaled exterior design and luxurious interior.

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