Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis

Instead, the brand will focus on electrification.

The head honcho at Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis has revealed the marque is not planning to release any N-branded sports vehicles to compete against the like of BMW M, Mercedes-AMG, and Audi Sport vehicles.

Speaking to Motoring during the global unveiling of the Genesis G70 sedan in South Korea, Manfred Fitzgerald has confirmed the sports division will put its badge exclusively on Hyundai models. When asked whether there will be a Genesis N vehicle, he simply replied”

“I don’t think so right now.”

Fitzgerald believes that when the electrification becomes inseparable part of the automotive industry, the performance vehicles won’t be much faster and powerful than their standard variants.

“Performance will not be on the same forefront of differentiator as it is today for ICEs. Everybody is capable of doing an electric motor and putting it in a car, so the performance values will almost be the same. Nobody’s going to be interested in ‘A’ or ‘B’, so I think that will come down to a level playing field.”

And one of Genesis goals that have high priority currently is integration of electrified technologies and, reportedly, one of the eco-friendly vehicles planned for the foreseeable future will be a high-performance EV.

“What we said is that we will develop – around 2021, 22 – two dedicated platforms. And on those two dedicated platforms we will develop dedicated models.”

Given the premium brand’s intentions to go electric as soon as possible, it’s no surprise it’s not interested in investing money into ICE-powered sports cars. Also, the brand doesn’t have the motorsport heritage that divisions like BMW M have.

“I grew up in that era… that was all right at the that time. I’m just looking forward to the future and I just don’t believe that that will still have the same power and same meaning as it did back then.”

Source: Motoring

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