Qwest has released official videos and pictures on Twitter to prove that its Tesla Model S station wagon is complete and capable.

Not long ago we reported that RemetzCar is in the process of developing a Model S shooting-brake. Dutch-based RemetzCar is the specialty car modification company that brought us the Model S hearse, which is sort of like a station wagon.

Station wagons (shooting-brakes) are very popular in European countries and there has been a considerable amount of talk about a Tesla variant. There's currently no fully electric station wagon available globally. Well ... now there is, compliments of Qwest, and RemetzCar is taking orders.

Qwest is based out of the UK. They've been keeping us posted on the progress of a Tesla Model S P90D station wagon. Fully Charged even ran an exclusive video of the modification process.

Sadly, for those truly enamored with the prospect, Qwest has only made one for now. However, the complex molding process, retrofitting of carbon fiber parts, and aftermarket modifications. Qwest made sure to consult with Tesla on the process to assure that everything would remain intact. There's no reason that the company can't make more, or even forward the plans to another company to do the work. RemetzCar is making 20 copies of its Model S shooting-brake. So, if you want one, get your order in right away (although we're pretty confident 20 have probably been reserved).

Another look at the Tesla Model S station wagon:

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Source: Electrek, L'UsineTesla (French)

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